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Bear Case Study

Hi everyone,
I wanted to share my latest case study on the creature development process of making a realistic bear. The goal of the project was to study and develop the tools required to rig, groom and simulate a realistic bear. I also challenged myself to complete the project entirely on my quad core laptop at home. This was done in hope to inspire younger artists and riggers to take on more challenging projects in school. This was the kind of stuff I wanted to try out in film school. :P The walk and run cycle animations were done by Feanor Engemann and Aloke Sarkar, respectively. The model was made by Nicolas Morel. This project is still a work in progress and intend to iterate on top of what I have now. The animation is an early pass and it will be updated in the future. I will also be providing a link to a detailed case study in the future.

I'm only responsible for the rig, groom, simulation and tools showcased in the project. The tissue simulation was done through Ziva Dynamics and the groom with XGen. I hope you all like it! :D

Here's a link to Nicolas's model if, anyone wants to try it out.

Model by Nicolas Morel
Walk Cycle Animation by Feanor Engemann
Run Cycle Animation by Aloke Sarkar

Bear Case Study

XGen Fur Render with Arnold

XGen Fur Render with Arnold

Bear Puppet RIg

Ziva Simulation RIg

Ziva TIssue Simulation - Walk Cycle

nHair Fur Simulation

Render TT

Render Sequence