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Troll NETFLIX 2022

Hey everyone, we got to make a giant Troll monster at Ghost for the amazing Roar Uthaug. We helped this big guy terrorise Oslo. I'm super excited to say that I took the lead role in the development for this creature. Scandinavian stories are brilliant, and I hope we get to tell more of them soon.

I was responsible for the Rig and CFX development for this creature. The build and shot work was done between me and my colleague Robin Van Den Eerenbeemd. I also had the opportunity to help develop the design for this creature and work closely with our clients and Netflix. I also have to mention the amazing work done by out partner studios Gimpville, Nordisk Film Shortcut, Copenhagen Visual and Swiss International. This was an epic Scandinavian collaboration.

It's been a very exciting project. If you haven't seen Troll yet, give it a go on Netflix. I believe it's the most watched foreign on the platform. I hope you all like it! :D Also, do yourself a favour and watch with the Norwegian audio.

Here's a link to the case study by Ghost.

The Making of Troll

Troll VFX Breakdown

Troll Poster

Troll Poster

Troll Trailer